Deep Calls to Deep

A fresh page longing to be filled Impulsivity wants to charge ahead Read. Pray. Meditate. Wait for God. Too quickly I want to fix, repair, explain, solve. Fussing and fretting in frustration. Wait! Patience. Be still ¬°Espera! What would you have these lines say, my Lord? Longing for understanding Craving significance … validation… approval Are… Continue reading Deep Calls to Deep

Out with old… well not all of it

Happy New Year! As most of us are all too thrilled to put 2020 behind us as it proved a challenging year for most with a global pandemic and all, I too join in the hope of a better 2021. The reality that it won’t come overnight is manifested by my Dad’s hospitalization 2 days… Continue reading Out with old… well not all of it

Songs in the Night

This year, this day, this moment: God is working. His light is shining in whatever darkness encroaches our lives and this world. In the midst of pandemic, illness, economic uncertainty, political unrest ,divisiveness, discouragement, and yes even despair. If one looks for it there is a light that shines through. The light is brighter than… Continue reading Songs in the Night