Salty Tears

Ocean calls me
Like she’s my home
But I only just met her
And yet I belong

Waves rushing in
To greet the boulders
Waiting on the shore
Welcomes strangers
Same as friends

Sitting on that rock
Solitude and peace

Her icy waters soothe
Burning desires
deep soul wounds
Salty spray meets my tears
Been here a minute
Feels like years

Salt in my lungs
Water in my veins
Sun on my face
Here comes the pain

Quit holding back
Gotta let it out
Cry a sea of tears
Crashing waves of fear

Sand, sun, and sea
What a beautiful place
To make peace
With my grief

©️2023 sillypoeticnurse

Tears for Jerusalem

You wept over Jerusalem

Because they did not see

The grace that stood before them

The chance to be free

And the house of prayers

Became a den of thieves

You must weep for us now

Because we’re too blind to see

The grace offered to us all

The chance to be free

We prefer our cheap substitutes

We’ve murdered the mystery

We cling to earthly treasures

And have turned our back on Thee

Self sufficient but self has limits

Temporary pleasures of desire

Trying to warm ourselves in dying embers

Lost our touch with the Holy fire

So we bicker and fight and blame

We share so much doubt and pain

It’s more contagious than

The one hundred year plague

Despair corners us in and chokes

Out any last breaths of hope

And though I have not yet seen

the holy eastern land

I look on this land before me

And weep for my fellow man

Lord we need you

Wake us up

Too okay with sleeping

Or numbing pain with drugs

Lost our will to take a stand

Pain ain’t the only thing that’s numb

Our desire for justice for all

Our ability to discern the truth

On lies we sleep, slip and fall

We waste away our youth

Our lamp oil is running low

Wake us up from our slumber

Ready us, ignite our souls

Break this spell we’re under

Starting with seeds of doubt

self condemnation and ambitious gain

settling for counterfeit truth

Just to avoid temporary pain

Forgetting that for want of a horse

A kingdom can be lost not gained

Darkness has reared it’s head

And the headlines says evil wins

But Victory is still on the throne

It’s up to me to join in

Which side am I on?

Which side are you joining in?

Cause even the sidelines aren’t safe

And they are preying on our children

We have to stand up and fight

Or else we get sucked in

To the illusions of the night

And the labyrinths of our sins

All is not lost

But there is a cost

But a little pain

Is worth the gain

Of the precious lives at stake

Cause love alone is the final fight

and we have some ground to take

Carnelian Cluster

Leaves of bronze , cider, and merigold

Greens hide deep with strongest hold

But those painted with autumn’s brush

Soon will let loose and take the plunge

Falling down

To the ground

To be trampled on

Or gathered up

Giving a time of frolic and joy

To any spirited girl or boy

Don’t you just love the sound

crunch of leaves on the ground

Trees so kind to give up her coat

Despite Winter’s customary advent

Yet Winter is the one to gloat

And makes her entry in her own time

She has caught us unaware

Coming unexpectedly in the night

And times she made us beg her here

As if we’d offended and kept her in flight

And there are times our icy friend

She lingers just a bit too long

Though you bid her adieu

She refuses to take a clue

And just continues on and on

I think her to be a tad bit vain

Unlike the timely autumn rain

Yet our trees, rooted deep and strong

Are sustained by Earth’s warm core

Til Winter permits a new guest along

Then hues of green shall spring forth

The Handler

Making assumptions

Placing blame

What do you know

More than her name

Aren’t you just the same?

Why do we tear down

What we can’t understand

What we can’t control

Don’t you see it’s eating at me

But it’s marring your soul

Read the headlines

Took it as truth

Don’t think for yourself

We’ll do it for you

Such a dangerous game

There is no prize

But feeding the monster

Feeding the lies

And it’s insatiable

When will we learn

Yes fire burns

It also purifies

And we’ve got a lot

Of cleaning to do

Help me

Help you

Help us

See through

False truths and manipulation

Think it’s time for a long vacation

Because our minds are breaking down

Gonna make us good soldiers now

March in place

Cogs in the wheel

Feel exactly

How I want you to feel

Come on little puppets dance

Got to feed the monsters

Got to feed the flesh

Don’t you bother thinking

I’ll tell you what’s best

Puppet Master

Left , right, left

Cogs in a wheel

Don’t think, don’t feel

Unless I need you to feel

To manipulate your emotions

Create foolish notions

Giving me tighter reign

Of those puppet strings

Don’t do a thing

Unless I say so

Be a good soldier

Be a good robot.

March in place

I will tell your place

In this world

In this game

In my scheme

Costs you everything

Don’t cost me a thing


Made to live

Made to love

Made to give

Made to rise above

Trials and tribulations

Are guaranteed

Choice in how to face them

Is what makes us free

Given a voice

Given a choice

Given a soul to rejoice

In the victories

In the pain

In the dark nights

In the rain

Cause the pain is the rain that waters the seed

The seeds of life that give birth to victory

And the victory is not always a golden crown

It’s the getting up after each falling down

Made to press on

Made to endure

Made to overcome

Made to be sure

Despite my failure

Despite my fear

There’s a reason why I’m here

I was purposely made

Given a soul

Given a name

The Creator of the heavens

The Keeper of the stars

Fully designed me

Created my heart

To be filled with passion

To feel so strong

To be filled with ire

When someone is wronged

To be filled with compassion

When someone’s in need

To be filled hope

To plant and water seeds

To spread to the weary

The good news of love

Made to speak

Made to proclaim

Made to encourage

Made to heal

Made to pray

Made to feel

Deeply for a creation

That isn’t mine

It belongs to my Father

And he is so kind

To let his child

Still learning to grow

To join in the work

Of bringing His Kingdom hope


Soul of mine, so entwined

And dare I say accustomed

To comfort, pleasure, and delight

Though once you were a child of night

And come from hard and humble places

No stranger to struggle or pain

Persistence and faith have brought great gain

And how easy it is to slip, trip and stumble

Once you make it through the desert

But remember the days in the scorching sun

Each drop of water was as gold

You clung to every word and prayer

Proclaiming truth and holding onto hope

Delivered from the desert

It didn’t take long for that milk and honey ,

To go from a blessing to an expectation

Mind yourself, guard your heart

Lest you be eating manna and begging for captivity

Soul of mine do not incline

to forget your rescue

Lest we forget, then we will drift

And become willfully captive yet again

Soul of mine, guard your mind

Seal your heart and return

To the first joy and love

Ransomed and freed from above

Remember well your rescue


Time itself is one more name for death.

C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

In days of youth she drug her feet

Minutes were days and days were weeks

She isn’t impatient, but she doesn’t wait

She is steady and doth not deviate

Yet with greater acquaintance she makes haste

In youthful naivete she is often wasted

To some she seems cruel

And to others a friend

She is faithful and unwavering

As she knows no end

She is always moving , never still

Some say she is illusion

She thinks she is quite real

But the geniuses and the fools

Have her quite misunderstood

She is quite rigid though she can bend

She is quite relative to some impactful friends

And though she is blamed for entropy’s reign

She objects with this complaint

She alone does not cause pain

But speed and gravity and the will of men

Cause her to change and confusion to set in

But the last word is not spoken

The Great Watchmaker in time will fix what’s broken

Saturn’s Rings

Saturn’s rings are vanishing

No one told her she could sing

Oh, but she can dance

Ice cream and fancy things

Are a girl’s delight

But no one keeps you warm

In the cold icy nights

And the winds did blow

And no one knows

Why she came, where she came, where she came from

There was a time she used to rhyme

But she traded it all for sordid lies and alibis

She bought them every one

She used to have fun, but now she cries and fantasizes

Of those dancing days in May

Twirling girls, and bouncy curls and spicy red lips

Grabbing on tight, she slip, slip , slipped

Fell down the hole, no rabbit though with whimsy and haste

Just a desolate place, dark and cold

Will she grow old, dreaming of belonging

Craving meaning but throwing it away

Like skipping stones on a pond

Because she thought she was beyond grace

Won’t hide her face, but she won’t shine

She tells them she is fine

And keeps marching on

Looking for the sun, sunshine

Saturn is losing her rings

Silly thing, it’s not as if she was born with them

She knows in time, they will disappear

But she will still be here

And will they still care that she is standing there

Without the things they used to define her

Someone please remind her

There is more, her inner core

She is more than jewels or a face

She has an innate grace

that won’t be seen from a glance