Rainy Ramblings

The days keep passing

The earth keeps spinning

And I can’t seem to

Just slow down

So many aspirations

And ambitions

And ways

To make the world a better place

But they are trapped

In my mind

Intentions are good

But not intentional

The sky is crying

And so is my soul

Cause I can’t fix the problems

Of all I hold close

But I am helping almost strangers

And even though I point to all the signs

You don’t realize the danger

of complacency

self condemnation

Meditation but on the wrong things

have to replace the


with some hope that is real

hoping in time

hope is what you will feel

wish i could do it for you

I tried , I tried, I tried

but i can not

sitting here

cheering you on

letting you know

you are not alone

keep pressing on

i know you don’t even have the strength

for just one step

so just promise me

to take one more breath

and then another

and again

cause it will get better

in time i know

but til it does

just hold on

sky is crying

and so is my soul

I wish I had the salve

for all the troubled souls

i do not but I know where it is

but here is the funny thing about medicine

you can prescribe it, buy it, sit it out

but you can’t make them ingest it

praying til

you see the hope that is real

and until you feel the truth of who you are

just look up at the stars

their Maker made you

you shine like that too

you can’t see it

but you are too close

a bigger piture

a different view

we all see it

through and through

gonna keep affirming it

til someday you do too

Salve for the Soul

Feelings, and feelings, and feelings. Let me try thinking instead.

C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

Sometimes the feeling and thinking are all too much. ESPECIALLY if you are an OVERTHINKER like me.
Sometimes what we need to do is just sit quietly listening to the tunes that open the portal to all those emotions you feel but cannot adequately express, tunes that can make a symphony of all those thoughts that apart from the music seems like chaotic distractions.
For the feelings and the thoughts I am thankful the Creator gave us the gift of music and for those anointed in the craft. (which I am not- lyrics perhaps but not the instruments)

Sing the songs of your soul

As they dance with the songs of mine

Singing to the One who soothes souls

Whose faithfulness echoes throughout time

Play the tunes of your heart

Play them for those who cannot play

And we’ll meet in the rhythm

Get lost in the melody

And get through another day.

©️2020 sillypoeticnurse