I love to tell the story , part 1

I will remember the deeds of the Lord;

yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.

Psalms 77:11 NIV
Diocesan Women’s Retreat Fri Feb 26- Sat Feb 26

We gathered together to connect, to remember the good things he has done, and to share our stories with our sisters in Christ in order to build one another up and to encourage one another as we continue this faith journey.

Friday evening kicked off the evening with a meal, followed by worship and two sisters sharing their testimonies. From the worship music to the testimonies, God showed up. In this brief opening evening the Holy Spirit came and administered to me a soothing salve for so many ails. I will do my best to try and unpack it all.

Let me back up a bit. Earlier this week I was hit by fear and an old stronghold of approval addiction. A friend was helping me with a task that contributes to my health and a potential ability for me to help empower others with their health. I am a healthcare provider, after all. This role however is more holistic and organic. One of the tasks caused me to get outside of my comfort zone. My old nature with conflict is to retreat. Fight or flight? I am running out the back door. I immediately sent a message to this friend who is also a sister in Christ. ‘I cannot do this thing. It doesn’t feel right.’

My friend read my message. She gave me time. The next day she called only to seek understanding. She loved me enough to ask some hard questions. Immediately I felt defensive, because in my mind I had thought I had processed it all. When talking it out I realized there were two things going on, the first was fear and concern for what others think of me (an old stronghold). The second realization is this was very likely a spiritual attack. Not only was I attending our Disocesean Women’s Retreat, I was helping lead a workshop.

Another important side note, I am still in the early stages of grief from my father’s passing in July of 2021. There has been progress made. There has been peace given , but there is still much to process. Grief is a lifelong journey , but there are definitely different seasons of grief.

Ok let’s get back to Friday night.

As I joined with my sisters’ singing these lyrics “I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God,” I felt affirmation in my soul that the challenges of this week were indeed a type of spiritual attack and the weapon was fear. As I sang that refrain aloud, I could feel the grip of fear and the lies of Satan loosening.

A sister shared her testimony of God’s sustaining grace and in time His provision and then abundant blessings of provision. Our sister Justina reminded us , “Do not limit God in any way!”

Another sister, Beth shared. She reminded us that no matter where our current trials may have us we are on the road to Zion. She reminded us that when we don’t have a present joy we can take a deposit out of the future joy which is secure because of our hope in Christ.

We later sang these words:

Whom the Son sets free , oh is free indeed! I’m a child of God yes I am!

In my Father’s house there’s a place for me. I’m a child of God ,yes I am!

Who You Say I Am, Hillsong Worship

We sang this song in church Sun July 11, 2021. This was my first Sunday service that I attended after my Daddy died on July 4, 2021. The Lord ministered to me that morning in those lyrics as my Daddy was free from his ailing body and the limitations caused by his stroke. So here we are on Friday, February 25, 2022. As I sang these words aloud, the Holy Spirit brought me an image. It was my Daddy standing, walking, fully healed and restored, and his arms were outstretched reaching upward as if praising. More tears flowed , but they were accompanied by the fact that I don’t just think or believe or hope… I know my Daddy is free indeed and fully restored in my Abba Father’s house.

Chains of fear broke. Strongholds of people pleasing and approval addiction tried to resurface, but fled when proclaiming the blessed assurance which is promised in Christ, revealed to me by the Holy Spirit my Daddy’s present freedom. I stood free from the slings and arrows of Satan’s despair and distraction so the next morning I would be free to both receive and speak life to my sisters in Christ.

I Love To Tell the Story

Hymn by : Kate Hankey and William G. Fischer

Independence Day

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.- John 8:36

On this 4th of July as my husband so eloquently stated my Daddy became completely free! He is free from his ailing body that was limited by the stroke and chronic illness. He was freee from all the limitations of the last year. He trusted and professed his faith in the Son, Christ Jesus.  In Christ now he is eternally free.

The next few days we will prepare a service to honor and celebrate him.  Each task that lies ahead we do with honor , the weight of grief (as we here, this side of the veil, will mourn the loss of his presence), but with peace and joy knowing Daddy is free indeed!!

I thank our Heavenly Father that we do not say goodbye to our father, but merely,  ” I’ll see you in a little while.”

Gone Fishing

Born :November 15, 1950 Indepence Day: July 4, 2021. Let freedom ring!