Long game

Penned January 8, 2021

Tired and weary
Of all the division
Derision, overinflated opinions
This world is aching
My heart is breaking
Why do we keep taking
When we need to be giving
Living for the Light
Darkness stirs the pot
Sits back and watches
Smiling and tapping his fingers together
Cause right now he is winning
What he doesn’t know this fight is not just beginning
Been going on since the dawn of time
The Maker’s got his own divine plan
Love has been drowning out hate since time began
Hate screams louder
Love is more subtle
But after all the drama boils down to a bubble
Love endures
Just when Darkness closes in
One spark from Hope
Reveals LOVE wins
Again and again and again

Another Surge

I am exhausted and frustrated and concerned.

I have never seen such hard heartedness in my life. I know there was a lot of confusion and people didn’t know who to trust, but for people who know me I am giving honest accounts of what I assess and treat.

It angers me this is so politicized that we can’t even have honest conversations. Lines were drawn, sides chosen and we pay no mind to what is really going on.

I am not saying to listen to the talking heads they have their own motives. But with millions of healthcare professionals you are bound to know some. Ask them what they are seeing.

The volumes are high again. Yes we wanted it to be over too, we preferred it when there were only cases trickling in. We knew it wasn’t over because we were still treating those trickling cases.

Glad we had a reprieve and we all mentally needed some normalcy. What makes me most angry is we can’t take the lessons we learned so far and make good , healthy, reasonable decisions. It is still one extreme or another.

Tired of the seesaw. There are reasonable actions to take, but we cannot do that. It’s not sensational.

Sometimes I wish certain people had an insight into what I see every day as I practice medicine. Then maybe we might be more mindful and less likely to go to work with a fever for a couple of days.

We are tired, we are frustrated, but we will keep treating and caring for all. It is what our calling and passion is.