Long game

Penned January 8, 2021

Tired and weary
Of all the division
Derision, overinflated opinions
This world is aching
My heart is breaking
Why do we keep taking
When we need to be giving
Living for the Light
Darkness stirs the pot
Sits back and watches
Smiling and tapping his fingers together
Cause right now he is winning
What he doesn’t know this fight is not just beginning
Been going on since the dawn of time
The Maker’s got his own divine plan
Love has been drowning out hate since time began
Hate screams louder
Love is more subtle
But after all the drama boils down to a bubble
Love endures
Just when Darkness closes in
One spark from Hope
Reveals LOVE wins
Again and again and again

Let the Darkness Fear

It comes in the night to the lonely soul; it comes in the day to the weary body; it comes in the evening to the grieving heart; it comes and for some seems never to part. It wears down the mind as it tears down the soul; Whispering lies and watering roots fed by wrong deeds, guilt, shame and fear; Lies get stronger and then births despair. Quiet, still, dark- the only sound is the beating of a heart.
CLASH! BANG! What is that explosion? My eyes, it’s TOO bright, it is piercing.
What is it? I can’t bear it, but my soul runs to it. My soul yearns , burns for it.
Let the darkness fear! Christ has overcome. Chains are breaking every day.
Warriors are rising up. HIS Kingdom is coming, His army of LOVE is growing. LOVE conquered death. Let the darkness fear! TRUTH shattered lies. HE has overcome. We are HIS. We have overcome. Let the darkness fear!