Lookers on this morning may have considered me mad. Grinning with determination and armed with my heavy duty clippers I was taking down limbs with quite fervor. Looking on the pile of branches with lush green, fresh sprouted leaves you might consider me a herbicidal maniac. Don’t alert the preservationists yet! Hear me out first,… Continue reading Pruning


Inevitably Necessary Sometimes it’s just sleep we need Not another cup of caffeine Or a brisk outdoor walk Not even delightful, witty talk Our bodies and minds Need to recline And get those cells to work Rebuilding, repairing and restoring You may hear a little snoring That’s ok but here’s the truth There is no… Continue reading Sleep


I’d like to think I am one with whimsy; but Reality tries to push it down to the recesses of my inner being. She gains some ground for some time because debt and duty are her allies.  Oh, but she does not know the resilience the Maker installed.  So yes the clock and chains do… Continue reading Reality