December 2- this and that

Reflections on Malcolm Guite’s Waiting on the Word December 2 excerpt:

Guite introduces us to Grevel Lindop’s poem, The Moon. As Guite discusses Lindop’s poem captures so beautifully in words the reality of time, memories. Something so valuable and precious like jewels but unable to quantify. These precious moments given to us first by our Creator and then by those we share the memories with cannot be fully captured so at best we poets and writers hope to take glimpses of the beauty and preserve it for others in verse or prose.

With the recent losses this past year including my Daddy and my dear Uncle Stevie the value of precious memories has been truly realized. I am thankful for some social media posts and some snapshots that captured some recent precious moments. I am very thankful my Uncle Stevie wrote some memoirs. We have his thoughts captured on paper to hold onto. These memories are likely underrated by the author at the time, but it is priceless to the author’s loved ones. My Uncle was not a writer by profession or hobby, but I am so glad he shared his thoughts. I encourage anyone reading this to do something similar. You have no idea the treasure it will be for your family some day. It has encouraged me to really stop putting my writing on the back burner or low on the priority list. There is always more to do.

I love to write so why would I deny myself the opportunity to do so? The aforementioned time issue, putting everyone and everything else first , and perfectionism. Yes, because I don’t have eloquent pearls of words strung together for the moment I feel I should say nothing. However all the advice from authors states the first and foremost thing to do is just write. Write often. In the process the jewels will come. There will be many diamonds in the rough and many a lump of coal. However you can’t get to the pearls without the rough stuff to smooth the edges.

Thus here I am absolutely exhausted, worried about a couple of sick family and overwhelmed by a full calendar, but I have chosen to write this. To reflect on this morning’s Advent reading, to just get these thoughts out and hopefully clear some space for some future beautiful work to blossom.

So let me conclude this therapeutic goulash with a prayer

Heavenly Father, Creator of Light and Order ,

I humbly beseech you to heal my nephew James, my brother Louis and all of those whom are on my prayer list. Lord Jesus, you are the Great Physician. Heal them. Meet all their needs according to your riches Christ Jesus. Give us peace as we wait for healing. Give wisdom to those entrusted with their care. Help me to lay my loved ones at your feet. As much as I love them, you love them more.

Lord helps us during this advent season not only to seek you for what you do and can do for us but just who you are. Let our communion with you , the Light of the World be enough

Thank you for overcoming the darkness, defeating death and offering life to your beloved. Help us use that life for your glory.

Lord Jesus heal baby James. Heal his foot. Protect him from side effects from his treat and let him grow strong in wisdom, stature and knowledge of you, our Lord so he may carry out your perfect will for his life. What the enemy meant for evil Lord use for good. Lord let James walk tall and strong all his days as he leads others to follow you.

Restore function and feeling to my brother’s face. Cast out the illness from his body. Heal his mind, body, and soul. Let him rise up so he may walk in renewed strength to continue the ministry you have called him to.

Lord thank you for the healing in Rhonda. Thank you for giving me and other friends of hers the story of Lazarus as she was on our hearts. Though she was intubated and her heart stopped for 6 minutes , you Lord Jesus told her Rise up , come out of your death clothes. Thank you and praise you that she is communicating again and will soon go from ICU to a rehabilitation unit to become stronger. Thank you for not letting Covid overcome her body.

Lord we pray for all those whose loved ones healing was not what they prayed for but the ultimate healing. Comfort them as they mourn. Lord help me and my family continue in our grief journey that we cling to our true hope, that we honor you and him as we carry on his legacy.

Lord help me to continue to prepare my heart for what you would have me learn and don’t this advent season. And since I have never asked this, Lord you gave me the passion and talent for writing now I pray that you bless it so I may fulfill my will and bring you glory.

In the powerful name of Y’shua Ha Mashiach- Amen

Advent Prayer

It took an extra day, but I finally decided upon my Advent reading for this year. I chose this work of Malcolm Guite and look forward to diving in and see how the Lord chooses to teach me through this work. However, before I dive in I must offer up my own Advent prayer.

My advent prayer-
Most Holy Lord, I wait for you. As I wait I pray that you would return me to my first love of Christ Jesus. Awaken my soul as parts of it have lain dormant in the harsh cold of life, loss, and out of mere survival instinct in a season of tumultuous tempests. Yet now the fog has lifted, the waters are not raging ,though they are not fully calm. My soul had a little respite. It was a long hard stormy season, but you have sent your dove with the olive branch saying to me “come out. It is safe. The greatest of the storm is passed for now and there is work to do. ” Rebuilding and building and planting and sowing. Lord as I wait show me what fields are mine to tend as you know I am an eager worker and aim to please so when I am committed I tend to take on more than you would have me do which leads to weariness and limits my fruitfulness. You do not intend me to be complacent or slothful or stagnant and yet you do not intend me to bear a burden too great. I do not know my limits. I underestimate and overestimate my abilities. Maker of my soul, you know. Grant me O Lord the wisdom to discern which is my field to tend and strengthen me to get busy about your work so that I may by your grace cooperate and assist in your kingdom building. What a great God you are! You do not need us for your work, but so sweetly invite us into it so that we may grow and be fruitful.
Lord as I enter this season of reflection, slowing, contemplation, and penitence make your will for my life quite clear. Lord I seek you. Assist me with thy grace to seek you with my whole heart, mind, and soul.

In the powerful name of our risen Lord and Savior Y’shua, Emmanuel- Amen