Midnight Train

Train whistles at midnight

I’m on some distant shore

Though it’s my first encounter

Seems I’ve been here before

Her whistle is a warning

It’s a beacon and a wail

She spent all her life yearning

Up and down those rails

She took a break at one

But she’s back before the 7th bell

And here comes another stranger

Maybe he’ll prove a friend

Unaware of impending dangers

Supposing it won’t end

But the lines fade

And.the hairs grey

And the memories stay

Another day comes with the sun

But even if you run

Backwards or forwards or in circles spin

Even if that gold loaded ship comes in

Time won’t relent and she won’t take you back

So you just keep whistling your lament down the track

Adventures of the Huckaby 3 : Welcome to Tombstone, AZ

San Jose House: This historic site built in 1879 is noted as Tombstone’s first boarding house. It is one of the town’s oldest structures. It has appeared in movies and boasts former guests such as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Batt Masterson, Josephine Marcus and now the Huckaby 3. 

Our late night arrival into Tombstone made the 1879 San Jose House our introduction to the town. We were welcomed by the chilly desert night and a warm and cozy Wyatt Earp “suite”.
This mini apartment opens to an inviting queen bed for weary travelers, a kitchenette, a restroom with a shower to the right and in the back of the flat another room with a second queen bed. Bear in mind this is an old building and the main form of transportation did not have motors, so current travelers in the front room will hear the passing of cars along the main road.

The beds are moderately comfortable. The place is very clean and the accommodations are simple but inviting and very budget friendly. It truly appeals to these lovers of history. For the Huckaby 3 after 13 hours on the road from San Antonio to Tombstone, this cozy abode was the next best thing to home.