Saturn’s Rings

Saturn’s rings are vanishing

No one told her she could sing

Oh, but she can dance

Ice cream and fancy things

Are a girl’s delight

But no one keeps you warm

In the cold icy nights

And the winds did blow

And no one knows

Why she came, where she came, where she came from

There was a time she used to rhyme

But she traded it all for sordid lies and alibis

She bought them every one

She used to have fun, but now she cries and fantasizes

Of those dancing days in May

Twirling girls, and bouncy curls and spicy red lips

Grabbing on tight, she slip, slip , slipped

Fell down the hole, no rabbit though with whimsy and haste

Just a desolate place, dark and cold

Will she grow old, dreaming of belonging

Craving meaning but throwing it away

Like skipping stones on a pond

Because she thought she was beyond grace

Won’t hide her face, but she won’t shine

She tells them she is fine

And keeps marching on

Looking for the sun, sunshine

Saturn is losing her rings

Silly thing, it’s not as if she was born with them

She knows in time, they will disappear

But she will still be here

And will they still care that she is standing there

Without the things they used to define her

Someone please remind her

There is more, her inner core

She is more than jewels or a face

She has an innate grace

that won’t be seen from a glance

Author: sillypoeticnurse

A silly poet, writer, Nurse Practitioner, wife, and mom always looking for a way to share hope.

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