True Lies

Wisdom is wealth
Yet we are tied
to a device
Don’t think twice
About what you believe
Open up and take the headline we feed
Don’t dig deep
Cause You’ll lose sleep
The World enslaves us
Lies about the One who made us
Because the lies they crave us
Feed off rebellion and naivete
Don’t you believe in what I say
It’s not likeable anyway
Gotta further separate
Truth from lies
Blur the lines
You’ll be fine
If you march in place
Don’t you think
Don’t you seek
I will tell you what to believe
We’re all numb
No pain, but dumb
Beat the drum
Just don’t sing out
What life’s about
Cause if you believe in love
Then you’re weak
Cause real love cost you everything
But its return is exponential
It’s providential
Your true potential
Is not wrapped in chains
It doesn’t blame
It doesn’t lie
It doesn’t cut you down to size
It gives you freedom
At a small price
See the sacrifice
Has been made
It only costs you faith

Author: sillypoeticnurse

A silly poet, writer, Nurse Practitioner, wife, and mom always looking for a way to share hope.

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