Prayer for the Persecuted

It’s easier to turnthe channel;

it’s easier to turn my head

seeing the evil manifest

among the living and the dead.

Lord hear our cry!

Lord, hear our prayers.

Our brothers and sisters are crying

Their hearts are breaking, their children dying

From empathy to guilt, my soul keeps stirring

Hurting for their plight and so grateful for mine

LORD, what I have I take for granted

Lord, what I fear
They are living out.

It’s easier to drown it out

But you equip us for hard

It matters not what makes sense

it’s a matter of the heart

You call us to bear one another’s burdens and pain

Lord give our brothers your peace

Lord keep us on our knees

Praying. …

Hope is alive

Death was defeated

Evil will not have the final say

But until you return or call us home

Let your peace transcend the pain