The Dream

From August 12, 2018

I had a dream last night that had a little girl in it. She was in a joyful, colorful place with toys and dolls. I could feel the joy in the air. That little girl had told a lie. She was trying to run away from the joyful place. I realized she was fleeing because deep down she felt bad about her lie and was not able to enjoy the dolls and toys. She felt shame. Knowing that feeling I ran after her.

I found her and kneeled down to her level and asked why she was leaving. In my dream I didn’t hear a reply though I instinctively knew it. I explained to her about that feeling she had of shame as a result of her sin. I asked her if knew anyone who never made a mistake. She shook her head no. Then I told her everyone has except Jesus. I then explained to her who Jesus was and how he loved her and how he died for her and me and us all.

Right about that time her parents showed up. It was time to take her home. I told her parents I was sharing how Jesus died for her. Their faces appeared accepting and I knew they believed. However, for some they were urgently rushing off to get somewhere. I cried out desperately and louldy to this little girl’s parents, “Don’t forget to tell her about the Resurrection!!!! She has to know about Sunday. Good Friday is not good if Sunday did not happen; tell her about Sunday!!!!!!!” I know they heard me.

The last thing I recall in my dream was a desperate feeling of yearning to know if that little girl knew about Resurrection Sunday.

As I sit and process this dream (still processing) my immediate 2 thoughts are this:

  1. Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ when we tell them about Jesus dying for our sin, do not leave Sunday out!!! Keep Friday and Sunday close otherwise it’s only part of the story.
  2. To everyone. Jesus did die for you to defeat sin and death. However he did not stay in the grave. On that third day He rose again!! He is not dead is surely alive and pursuing you and loving you this very minute.

After he rose from death, several hundred people had some amazing encounters with Him. One of my very favorite encounters that is documented is when Peter is restored. I too know that restoration power that Peter experienced. Without a risen, living Savior I would still be living in shame like the little girl in my dream and fleeing away from a shelter of joy and peace and love.