It is just like me to enter a season of feasting prepared to fast. During the fast I was not prepared because I was in survival mode. That means most living was not mindful. The one thing a fasting season warrants is mindfulness.

Am I backwards, a subconscious nonconformist, or chronically delayed? The answer to this question is still in discovery. Nevertheless I seem to be consistently inconsistent and quite unconventional.

Regardless of the underlying reason my mind, body, and soul craves a fasting season. A time to mindfully, purpose to abstain from certain things. This creates a vacuum. The aim is to fill this space with something beneficial with hopes of sowing and reaping a good habit. Then, God willing the good habit takes hold purging out the bad or less constructive.

So as Easter tide is upon us and the lenten season has ended all the faithful observers enjoy a celebratory season of feasting. There is something sweeter about the first taste of fruit after it has been withheld for weeks. This is but one of many peculiarities of the human flesh nature.

So as the world around me feasts in a certain way and yet there are limitations as we are yet still in the midst of a pandemic; I enter into a self prescribed fast. Its success is never dependent on my own strength for I have found that to fail after many noble efforts. No, I have learned by repeat failures and small successes this resolve to endure must come from something beyond me. In order for it to be any good it must come from the source of goodness itself.

So I appeal to the Good Father, the Maker of all to lead my mind, body and soul through this journey. The predetermined course has but one goal to seek and hold fast to what is good and to relent what is not true so I may become more like my Maker and less like the world.