Amazing Grace

Too often I find I miss the mark, disappoint the expectation of others and especially my own. I have spent many years beating myself up with “you should know better” or “what’s wrong with you?” “Here I go again” “How many times are you going to make the same mistake? Circle the same mountain?” These thoughts replaced the former shorter and yet meaner “I’m so stupid” “I’m a dork” “I’m an idiot” “I’m a fat blob” the good news is the former thoughts focus on my behavior which does need modification where the latter focuses on my identity. So though some issues I have not overcome yet, by God’s mercy and grace and the love of some good friends I learned my identity is not my mistakes, my failures, or my missed marks. This is where this GRACE comes in that is mentioned in the scripture. Let’s face it we all need grace. And it was finally understanding that amazing grace that I am in Christ thus I am a child of God. I am more than a conqueror. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. And while I am still circling some of the same mountains there is progress, a little every day. And though at times I backslide my heart is to be better. I am thankful for a God that knows my heart’s desire and does not give up on me when I disappoint. You see He promised He will continue the good work He has done in me until Jesus returns and on that day my full potential will be realized and I will circle no more. But for now, I rest in the truth that I a broken, sick soul in need of a Great Physician may approach the throne of Grace PRN (as needed) for any help when I fall short. It is an eternal open invitation of grace generated by love. It is digesting this very truth that is the healing salve to our soul and allows us to drown out the voices of self condemnation, of fear, of doubt. It allows us to hear even louder the voice of Truth and Grace. My prayer for you all is as we sojourn this journey of life with its very steep mountains and deep valleys you may carry this balm of Truth along the way. You will need it.

Peace and Joy to you!

Author: sillypoeticnurse

A silly poet, writer, Nurse Practitioner, wife, and mom always looking for a way to share hope.

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