Waiting Room

December 20, 2015

Throughout life we will find ourself in the waiting room. Waiting on answers, waiting on relief, waiting on a plan, waiting on rescue, waiting for the next step. What do we do while we wait? It likely depends what we are waiting upon. We may distract ourselves with reading playing a word puzzle or playing an electronic game. If we are around others we may distract ourselves in conversation. We distract ourself from the unpleasant task of waiting.
There are seasons in life where I spend a lot of time in the waiting rooms of life. At times they are literal waiting rooms, at times figurative and may times they are both.
This morning I sit alone in this waiting room both figurative and literal. I am waiting on a loved one to return from a radiation treatment for cancer in her brain. I am waiting for answers about the full plan , the provision for her treatment and ultimately the outcome. But this morning as I sit alone, I find I am truly waiting on God.
As I wait, I think, I reflect and I pray. I flood His throne with prayers for my loved one.
As I wait for all the details to unfold and all the barriers to be overcome, I wait on a God that is able to do much more than I can conceive.
As I wait on God to act, I seek His face more fervently. I sup with Him more desperately, but also more open to hear his voice. I am waiting for his answer. As I wait for the unfolding of this particular situation, I am slowing down and craving not distraction but captivation. I want more than even the “answer” right now, for my loved ones is His peace that surpasses all understanding to envelop us even now. #waitontheLord #peaceoftheLord

Author: sillypoeticnurse

A silly poet, writer, Nurse Practitioner, wife, and mom always looking for a way to share hope.

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